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Topic Team Education Kickoff Internet of Things (IoT) Vienna Meetup
♦IoT Austria - Local Group Vienna This meetup will be a bit different than the ones you are used to. We will combine the physical and virtual. This meetup will be in English. Please register in eventbrite so that we can keep track of attendance. www.eventbrit... As we will be running this session
Vienna<-R 2017/IX Vienna R Meetup
♦Vienna<-R Ideas for projects / talks: • Finance related, forecasting • Fraud detection, e.g. Panama papers (github.com/dg...) • Company databaseVisualization tutorial covering  • ggplot2 For further comments and suggestions for projects and talks just drop a mail at&nbs

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Passenger 5.1.6: new packages for Zesty, Debian Stretch, Nginx Phusion News
Version 5.1.6 of the Passenger application server for Ruby, Node.js, Meteor and Python has been released. It features updated packages to cover an Nginx security issue. We also supply a dynamic version of the Passenger Nginx module through APT packages where possible, which is currently in the

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viennajs.org monthly meetup Vienna.js - JavaScript Meetup
♦vienna.js Vienna JavaScript User Group Bring your Minitalks! Everybody is welcome & feel free to share this invitation! Talks: YOUR TALK HERE You want to practice speaking in front of others? You want to tell everyone about some cool JavaScript topic? This is your chance, we are still looking for ta
The new index format, Fastly, and Bundler 1.12 Bundler News
A new version of Bundler has arrived! With 1.12, we’re shipping one huge change and several smaller changes—the short version is that Bundler is getting faster and more capable. The new index format The biggest change landing in this release is the fabled new index format, which has been in develop
Bundler 1.13: The one with steady improvements Bundler News
Bundler 1.13 is out! It’s been a steady stream of improvements over the last four months, and we’re shipping some new features, some improved features, and some experimental features. Now that we’ve shipped all of these changes, we’re starting to work at full speed on the upcoming 1.14 and 2.0 releas
A New Bundler Website Bundler News
Announcing… the new Bundler website! As part of Google Summer of Code 2016, Bundler has a new, prettier, and better website. The most visible changes are a completely new design and color scheme. In addition, the entire site is now responsive and easy to read on mobile devices using the Bootstrap fra
Bundler 1.15: Bundle Oh So Fast Bundler News
What’s new in Bundler 1.15? Hot on the heels of the many small fixes in Bundler 1.14, we’re pushing out 1.15. The list of changes is much shorter, but we think you’re going to love it all the same, since this time around we’ve focused on making Bundler a whole heck of a lot faster. Speed Due to Ju
Version 1.11 released Bundler News
Bundler 1.11 is here! Six and a half months after the last big release, we’re finally ready to ship 1.11. I know it’s been a while, but there’s a pretty good reason for that. Over the summer, the team was busy supervising four Google Summer of Code students: We made a significant amount of progr
Bundler 1.14: So many fixes Bundler News
What’s new in Bundler 1.14? We somehow missed writing up an announcement when Bundler 1.14 was initially released, but several people kindly pointed out the problem. Just 48 days late, here’s what’s new in Bundler 1.14! In this feature release, we added several small features, and fixed a giant pile
ViennaJS & React Joint Meetup Vienna.js - JavaScript Meetup
♦vienna.js Vienna JavaScript User Group This time we decided to join forces with React once again 🙌 Everybody is welcome & feel free to share this invitation! Talks: Ladda - A New Library for Client-Side Caching  Gernot Hoeflechner and Peter Crona  Everyone wants to offer a snappy e

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Understanding your benchmarks and easy tips for fixing them Phusion News
Developers love speed, so developers love benchmarks. Benchmarks on programming language performance, app server performance, JavaScript engine performance, etc. have always attracted a lot of attention. However, there are lots of caveats involved in running a good benchmark. One of those caveats is

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Let's-Honor-Ryan-Bates Cast ep 1 Phusion News
Ruby developers, do you remember the awesome RailsCasts? Author Ryan Bates is doing well and just got married. We want to honor and congratulate him, but just writing a postcard is a bit boring. So... what better way to honor his contributions and congratulate him than via a screencast?

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